The History of ICE

There is a movement in this country currently to have everyone set up an ICE entry in their cell phones.

 ICE stands for:


In this spot you have the phone number of the person you want emergency personnel to contact for you. This is provided that you are unable to speak for yourself. We have taken this a giant step further, all to your benefit. Your life will be so much easier with this product. All you have to do is put your information in once and will be at your finger tips.

The Ice Drive is a USB Drive which can attach to a key chain or be worn around your neck. It is portable and can go everywhere with you. Most computers have a USB port and can accept this drive.

The Ice Drive is easily used by anyone. You do not have to worry about learning a complicated program. Just plug the drive into the computer and within minutes your medical history will be within reach at all times.

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