How It Works

ICEDRIVE ™ is available in two forms now. You can purchase the software to place on your own USB drive or you can purchase a pre-installed ICEDRIVE ™.

The ICEDRIVE ™ is a USB Flash Drive which you carry with you. The ICEDRIVE ™ is bright red and carries the ICE, In Case Of Emergency Log logo. This makes it easy for medical personnel to identify it and you in an emergency. Contained on the ICEDRIVE ™ is a proprietary software package into which you enter all your pertinent medical information. The program is designed to be easy to use and easy to see.

Screenshot from the ICEDRIVE  software Main menu

Entering your information is very easy, you simply click on the section you wish to complete and follow the prompts. When you are finished entering all of your information into the program, All that needs to be done is EXIT the program and the software will create the ICE document. The ICE document is a Text (ice.txt) file that is in the main area of the ICEDRIVE ™ where it can be easily found. Since we have used the text format, it can be opened by any computer running MS Windows using any word processor software.  The medical staff can then print out the document and know all the information you  want them to which you entered into the software.

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